Add a Sharepoint folder in OSX 10.6.x

Before adding the Sharepoint folder please consult your Administrator to confirm the correct address and credentials.  The following instructions are a general guideline only and may not work for your Sharepoint setup.

Open Finder, click Go and click ‘Connect to Server’.

Enter ‘ Documents’, click the ‘+’ (plus sign) to add the Sharepoint connection to favourite servers and click Connect.

You will be prompted to authenticate yourself. Choose Registered User, enter your username and password and click Connect.

Once connected, click View (from Finder) and select ‘as Columns’.

In the left column beneath SHARED click your Sharepoint connection. In the right column click your Sharepoint folder icon and drag it into your user’s Home Folder. You can now click the shortcut in your Home Folder to connect to Sharepoint.

To add a shortcut to your Desktop, right-click on the shortcut in your Home Folder that you just created and choose Copy. Then place that Copy on your Desktop.